Stonecoat Trowel

Product: Stonecoat Trowel

Product Description: Stonecoat Trowel is a pure acrylic bound textured Trowel applied wall coating .

Characteristics: Highly Decorative Stone, acrylic bound aggregate graded to 1-2mm in pure natural colours. Ready mixed and ready for use with excellent adhesion to virtually all building surface substrates

Usage: Commercial or domestic Exterior and Interior wall Surfaces

Texture: Fine

Suitable Surfaces: Tile concrete panel, blue-board, foam panel, cement sheet, rendered surfaces, timber, brickwork etc.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces should be clean and dry prior to application and free of contaminates. Stonecoat Trowel should be applied over a flat surface to avoid mortar joint undulation.

Application: Stonecoat Trowel is applied in a one-coat steel trowel application.

Coverage: 3kgs/sqm

Colour: Stonecoat Trowel comes in 32 base colours subject to availability. It is recommended total job meterage should be ordered at the one time.Custom colour blending is available (Consult Manufacturer)

Cleaning: Water

Drying Time: Stonecoat Trowel will dry according to the weather conditions. Touch dry between 30min and 2 hours, hard dry 48 hours. Complete hardening and performance after 28 days.

Appearance: Multi-coloured smooth natural stone surface.

Packaging: 15 Litre plastic lined plastic pails.

Conclusion: Stonecoat Trowel is very cost effective eliminating any need for primers, sealers, bonding liquids or colouring agents. The natural stone will not fade or discolour in comparison to traditional pigmented textured finishes

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