IMGP1256Welcome to Stonecoat,

A wholly owned Australian Company established in the year 2004.

Stonecoat specialises in the manufacture and application of excellent quality products for the architectural and protective coatings market.

Products that offer protection and little or no maintenance to a building are of fundamental importance to its longevity both structurally and aesthetically.

Protecting the surface from weathering elements that might cause irreparable damage to a building through penetration into the surface like smog, water or acid rains etc. is paramount and can only be achieved through a perfectly blended formulation of excellent raw materials that will convey to the finished product permanent characteristics such as flexibility, color fastness, body through colouring and water repellency.

Stone claddings have a long history in Europe dating back to the early 20th century. They are a typical result of a free market world economy, where a manufacturer must better his production and services constantly, while still maintaining competitive prices in order to survive. Our products modeled on these have been successfully used for such a long time and have proven their ability to withstand weathering from harsh climactic conditions.

Stonecoat Director, Andrew Gutwirth, believe innovation and 30 years in wall coating technology and development gives Stonecoat the opportunity to provide a superior base product which provides the cornerstone of an exciting new company in Australia.

Stonecoat has launched its first line of products; the Stonecoat range which combines graded and carefully selected natural stone blended with a formulated resin to produce a flexible, long-lasting substitute for paint or colour render.
Due to the professional approach of Stonecoat, we guarantee our products to be of a highest quality whilst maintaining ease of application.